Ramechhap, March 4 Dr Laxmi Panthi working at Tamakoshi Cooperative Hospital has started a campaign in different places of Ramechhap with the slogan ‘A person can save five persons’ lives in emergency case.’ Dr Panthi said people could be saved if some safety measures were adopted at the time of losing consciousness, when food got stuck in the throat, during bleeding, and heart attack. She added that she started the campaign thinking that the lives of patients could be saved if they took safety measures and reached the hospital on time. Dr Panthi said her campaign focused on preventive measures that could save patients before they were taken to the hospital. Dr Panthi said the campaign was bolstered with the thought that no person would have to die if they adopted some safety measures during times of physical distress. She had provided training to the chiefs of government offices, Nepali Army team of Nanda Bux Battalion, Nepal Police, and Traffic Police, among others. She informed that she had started the campaign after officials from the district urged her to do so. “The training will help people who are facing real problems and who want to help the victims,” she added. Dr Panthi informed that she would replicate the campaign in other districts also.