Woman killed for practising witchcraft

NUWAKOT: It has been revealed that an elderly woman was murdered by her neighbour for “practising witchcraft” in Nuwakot on December 8. Shir Lama, 24, of Betini murdered Sainli Tamang, 84, blaming her for killing his mother using black magic seven months ago .

Lama confessed to killing Sainli by cutting her throat after he was arrested by the police the second time on Sunday. He had refuted the allegation when he was arrested earlier and was set free.

According to DSP Raj Kumar Lamsal, Lama had killed Sainli with a khukuri on the evening of December 8. Her dismembered body was found in her own house where she used to live alone. Lamsal said after three weeks of investigation, Lama was arrested by police on suspicion of his involvement in the crime.

Lama said, “I was waiting for a chance to avenge my mother’s death. As I was drunk that

day, I had all the confidence and killed her with the khukuri

that I took with me from

my house,” adding, “I thought that she was able to live till the age of 84 because, as a witch, she had defeated the death.”

The police have recovered the khukuri used in the crime and the golden chain looted from Sainli. Lama has been kept in police custody for further investigation.