A woman murdered her husband with the help of her lover in Dhangadi Sub-metropolitan City, Kailali.

According to police, Amrita Chaudhary, 27, killed her husband Ramesh Chaudhary with the support of her lover Bishnu Chaudhary, 29, on October 15.

Amrita and Bishnu had planned to meet on the night of October 15. Despite being married, the two were in a relationship for the last few years.

Ramesh knew about the affair.

After her husband fell asleep at around 11:00pm, Amrita left home and went out to meet Bishnu. They met near a haystack behind Amrita's house.

Ramesh found his wife and Bishnu in a compromising position.

Ramesh then thrashed Bishnu. Bishnu retaliated and Ramesh was strangled to death with the support of his wife.

Police investigation shows that the body was thrown in a meadow near the Khutiya River, said DSP Pratik Bista.

Ramesh was strangled to death before midnight.

Police have arrested two more people in addition to Amrita and Bishnu and launched an investigation into the incident.

The deceased's uncle Shiv Shankar Chaudhary said that family members knew about Amrita's love affair with Bishnu.

"Ramesh and his family tried to convince Amrita many times to break off the relationship, but Amrita and Bishnu did not stop meeting and the illicit affair led to the tragedy," said Shiv Shankar.

A version of this article appears in the print on October 18, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.