Woman murders husband with lover's aid in Kailali

DHANGADHI: A woman, with the help of her lover, has killed her husband in Godavari Municipality-11 of Kailali district.

According to Police Inspector at Kailali District Police Office, Kamal Bista, 23-year-old Tej Bahadur Bista of Punarbas Municipality-2 in Kanchanpur district had gone missing since June 22.

Search operation to find Tej Bahadur had begun after his family filed a missing person's report at Kailali DPO after he went missing. He had left home to visit his wife Laxmi Bista Badaila's family in Olani, Godavari Municipality-11.

Police Inspector Bista informed, Laxmi Bista had confessed to killing her husband, in which her lover Dipak Khatri of Godavari Municipality-10 had assisted her.

In light of this disclosure, police have taken into custody six persons accused of being involved in the crime. Police have arrested both Laxmi Bista and Dipak Khatri. Likewise, police have also arrested Keshav Malasi and Santosh Badaila of Godavari Municipality-11, Prem Bahadur BK and Ram Bahadur BK of Godavari Municipality-10 for their involvement in the murder.

The police have further stated that the arrestees have confessed to killing Tej Bahadur Bista and then disposing his body on a slope in Chure Rural Municipality of Kailali. Chief at Kailali DPO, Superintendent of Police Binod Ghimire, informed that the police are currently at the spot where the body was disposed. He said, "The body has not yet been retrieved as it is in a very difficult spot." Efforts for the same are going on.

After the arrests, police have started further investigations into the case. Tej Bahadur Bista and Laxmi Bista Badaila had been married only five months ago.