A woman has been seriously injured in a forest fire in Bajura and is in need of financial support for treatment.

The forest close to Pepse village had caught fire last week and has been burning since.

Phugi Khadka, 40, of Badmalika Municipality-3, had gone to the forest to find fodder for the cattle, on Friday. After the villagers found her injured in the forest, they immediately rescued her and took her to the district hospital.

She was then referred to the Seti Zonal Hospital, but as her burns were severe, she was again referred to visit Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, her nephew Amar Khadka shared.

Though she was sent to Kathmandu via ambulance by her acquaintances after collecting some financial assistance, her treatment has not been possible in Kathmandu owing to lack of sufficient finances, he further added.

Phugi's family shared that Badimalika Municipality had aided in transportation till Dhangadhi but were unable to transport her to Kathmandu.