Women launch anti-alcohol drive

Himalayan News Service

Lahan, February 28:

Women who had assembled to settle a brawl between Bir Bahadur Sarki and Chature Sarki in Govindapur VDC-8 of Siraha district decided to impose a ban on brewing, sale and consumption of liquor in the area. They have also prepared a list of rules for the villagers and whoever violates them are subjected to punishment. “Whoever makes noise and disturbs villagers after drinking alcohol will be forced to take a dip in a nearby pond,” one of the rule reads. The group of women imposing the ban include representatives of the Moti Women’s Group, Jataki Women’s Group, Milan Group and a VDC level Dalit Network. Pukuli Sarki of the Milan Group, Govindapur, said, “If anyone violates the ban and continues brewing alcohol we will be forced to destroy the factory.” Liquor is brewed in almost every other house in Govindapur, a village inhibited mostly by Sarkis. Local males have also accepted that alcohol is the cause of many brawl in the area and have pledged their cooperation to the anti-alcohol campaign.