Politicians, rights campaigners, entrepreneurs, educationists, and people from different walks of life said women have performed well in leadership roles.

Speaking in an interaction organised by Naari magazine here today, the speakers underscored the need to establish women's leadership in all sectors.

The prime minister's spouse Arzoo Rana Deuba said she wanted to see women leadership in all sectors, including media, the army, police, engineering, among others. "Women have reached high posts as president, speaker, and judge, among other positions in various sectors. It is crucial that women reach the leadership position in other sectors as well," she said.

Deuba, also a former member of the Constituent Assembly, said the change aspired by the self is possible when women join politics as they can participate in formulating the state's programmes and policies when they are directly involved in politics.

"Although there are several challenges for women in politics, there is also the opportunity to bring about change,"

Deuba asserted. Clinical psychologist Dr Bijay Gyawali said women are emotionally good leaders and are equally capable in that role.

Sharing her personal experience, campaigner Sirjana Singh said it was easier for women coming from political family background to join politics. Principal of Uniglobe School Bhawani Rana opined that children should be taught basic things and knowledge at home since family is their first school. She suggested school teachers to be the role models for children.

"Women, particularly have to face many challenges in life after getting married and begetting children, but they can become successful in their career if their family is fully supportive," said Ritu Baidya, an entrepreneur.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 12, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.