Women take initiative to build health post in Tanahaun

DAMAULI: Women affiliated with Dumsi Mothers' Group of Byas Muncipality-9 of Tanahaun district have taken an initiative to build a health post in their locality.

They collected a fund of Rs 80,000 at the Deusi Bhailo programme on the occasion of Tihar festival.

According to the chairperson Khagendra Devi Rijal, the money was collected in four days of the festival.

Meanwhile, Usha Thapa, vice-chairperson of the Group, said that around 35 to 40 women of the group played Deusi Bhailo for the noble cause.

The Group's secretary Bimala Paudel said that they had estimated that it would require around Rs 1.5 million for the construction.

So far, they have been able to collect Rs 400,000 from donations of various people including the Deusi Bhailo programme.

Locals have stepped up for the construction of the health post as they were compelled to visit Damauli for minor check-ups.