Work on bridges under way along Koshi Corridor


Of the nine under-construction bridges, seven are being built on war footing to complete them by this fiscal year-end along the Koshi Corridor.

Chief of Khandbari-Kimathanka Road Project Gautam Kumar Shrestha said seven bridges could be completed by this fiscal year if work continued as planned.

Construction of a bridge near Phaksinda is near completion and other bridges over small rivulets are being built Similarly, contract bidding for five more bridges along the corridor will be announced in this fiscal if the design is approved, Shrestha said. According to him, 22 bridges have to be built along the Koshi Corridor, a national pride project of the North- South Corridor. So far, construction of one bridge has been completed and also come into operation.

Likewise, 148 km track of the Koshi Corridor has been opened out of a total of 162 km, while the Nepali Army has been entrusted with the responsibility of opening the remaining 14 km track. Likewise, black-topping of the road along the corridor is also under way. The Ministry of Finance has approved Rs 2.6 billion for black-topping and to initiate contract bidding process.

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