Wrangling over envoys’ appointment continues

Kathmandu, July 24:

The stalemate over appointment of ambassadors in 16 countries is continuing.

The Maoists have not nominated a single candidate, saying that the distribution of capitals among parties was not made as per an “initial consensus.”

They have been demanding London if not New Delhi or Beijing, but Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has offered them Paris, Copenhagen and Vienna.

The PM’s Foreign Affairs Advisor, Dr Suresh Chalise, says the Maoists had earlier agreed on ambassadorial seats in France, Denmark and Australia. Maoist leader Mohan Vaidhya said: “The capitals were not distributed as per the agreement.”

“The Maoists had earlier agreed on Australia, Denmark and France, but they have not yet forwarded their nominees,” Dr Chalise told this daily today.

Maoist leader Vaidhya said: “Since the issue of who goes where has not been settled so far, there is no question of nominating anyone.” He said the important world capitals must be fairly divided among the parties. He added that the Maoists had earlier demanded either Beijing or New Delhi. When the NC denied it, the Maoists’ next demand was Britain. The pressure on Koirala has mounted after ambassadors in Kathmandu started urging him to make the appointments soon.