YCL men return looted cash

Dhankuta, March 12:

The Young Communist League cadres today handed over the cash and goods

that they had snatched from Rastriya Janshakti Party district president Kumar Bahadur Thapa and some other RJP men yesterday the Dhankuta district administration and the police.

The cash and goods were later given back to Thapa and others.

The YCL cadres returned Thapa’s Rs 50,547, Deepak Dhamala’s Rs 48,289, Laxmi Thapa’s Rs 18,800, Gopal Niraula’s Rs 4,500 and Mahesh Thapa’s Rs 80. The YCL men also returned RJP central president Surya Bahadur Thapa’s citizenship certificate, a radio, a battery charger, two wallets, a diary and a punching machine they had looted.

Maoist Dhankuta office incharge Chetan said the cash and the articles were returned after an agreement was reached that both sides would abide by the Election Code of Conduct.

Dhankuta president of the RJP Kumar said that the cash and articles had been returned and that his party was always ready for a healthy competition in the impending constituent assembly polls.