After the Maoist attack at Chainpur bazaar of Sankhuwasabha district, the people in rural areas of Tehrathum are fast leaving the villages for town suspecting that the Maoists might use them as human shields forcefully any time in the future.

The people in the region are terrified these days. The villagers are worried with the rumour that the Maoists are forcefully seeking participation of one individual from a family in their armed struggle and anyone disagreeing with them would be used as human shield during their encounters.

As a result, the youth are slowly leaving their villages and migrate towards the urban and safer areas. The population at the areas are decreasing these days. Actually, the attack over Chainpur bazaar, the old headquarters of the Sankhuwsabha district, has terrified the locals from another probable attack.

The young boys and girls below 16 years of age in Madhi Rambeni, Aakhibhuee, Mulkhark, Sidhhapokhari, Noondhaki, Namphake, Mudeshnischare and other Village Development Committees (VDC) located near Chainpur bazaar are slowly shifting to the district headquarters Myanglung in search of safety.

The departure of the youth from the VDCs is posing as an obstacle in the daily work of the people including agricultural works. On the other hand, the locals are taking short-cut routes or through the forests, which is a cause of concern as the security forces might mistake them for the terrorists.

According to a security source, the people spend the nights in the cowsheds, under trees and any places they think safer instead of staying at their own houses. As such, it is creating a problem with the security operations.

Regarding this, the security forces have called on the villagers to remain in their homes during the nights and help the security forces in their actions. Almost every night a group of Maoists come into the village and force the locals saying, "We are fighting for the sake of the country, so either send somebody of your family member or be ready to be shot down."

"Because of such pressure, not only the young boys and girls but also the local political leaders and activists of this area are shifting towards the market areas," says Mahendra Poudel, chairman of Fulke VDC, who himself is compelled to stay at district headquarter for last two months.

Those persons who have already been out of the villages and are engaged in any works, are suggested not to return to their home but send money for their family. The students studying at the only campus at district headquarters are instructed by their parents not to return home.