Celina Jaitley Likes Muscled Car

Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley likes a muscled car, which is why she went out and bought herself another Scorpio to keep her first one company. “My friends and relatives feel that I have gone crazy. But frankly, I am so satisfied with the performance of this car that I wanted to buy another one,” Celina says.

The actress decided to buy this brand new four-wheel drive because she has fallen in love with the car. “I don’t think that luxury cars like the Mercedes Benz are meant for the rains in Mumbai. Last year’s 26/7 disaster taught me a lesson. I do own a Merc, but I have realised that during the monsoon when we need to travel within the city, something like an SUV is the best. It’s sturdy and reliable,” she says.

Celina is also particular about the space in her vehicle, and she prefers a big car that gives her plenty of leg room. “As a part of my profession I have to travel with my costumes and other accessories,” she says. What’s more? She managed to get around the city in her Scorpio with little trouble a couple of week’s ago, when the rains came down heavily.

However the actress was irate with the car agents when they delayed the delivery. “They had been promising to deliver the car for the last five days. Every day they would come up with some excuse or the other. Finally, I lost my cool and started screaming at the agent. Although I tried to appear very serious, my friends started laughing at me. I guess I can never pull off a serious face,” she says. Whatever she did, worked, because she eventually got her coveted car.

Currently, Celina is busy shooting for Vikram Bhatt’s film Red. “I can’t divulge anything about my role in the film, but it’s certainly a challenging role,” she says. Apart from this film, the actress is also looking forward to Sangeet Sivan’s Apna Sapna Money Money. “It’s a laugh riot; you have to see Ritesh Deshmukh in the film. He is too funny,” she insists.

Celina will soon leave for South Africa to shoot for Suneil Darshan’s film, starring Bobby Deol and Upen Patel. She plays the role of a PR agent. “I will ask a PR friend for pointers. I have watched her handle all kinds of situations and controversies. I am sure that role of a PR agent is not easy and this woman happens to run a professional PR company, so I will also look to her for tips for the required body language,” she says.