New son-in-law, friends beaten for failing to gift buffalo to kin

PHIDIM: A family in Panchami village of Panchthar district allegedly beat their new son-in-law and his friends black and blue for the latter failed to bring a buffalo as a gift in the Dashain festival.

It is customary to gift a buffalo and a pig to the in-laws when the son-in-law of Limbu community visits them for the first Dashain celebration after marriage.

But Jeet Bahadur Kangdangwa from Chhatedhunga-3 of Terhathum district failed to gift the buffalo to Bhim Yonghang in Panchami-5 of the Panchthar. And, he had to pay the price!

Kangdangwa had only brought a pig as a gift.

Besides Kangdangwa, his friends including Hem Yonghang were also attacked with a wooden log on the day of Dashain Tika on Thursday, police said.

Hem was seriously injured in the accident and is undergoing treatment at the District Hospital in Phidim.

DSP Krishna Prasad Koirala said police have already nabbed Bhim and launched an investigation.