LETTERS: Don’t resort to violence

An 18 year old innocent school boy Sekh Tabarej lost his life in the name of the so- called ‘Madhes movement’ in Gaur, Rautahat. I want to ask Anil Singh, a TMDP leader, what he would have done if his son/daughter was in the place of the deceased innocent boy. I condemn the Madhesi leaders for using children in political violence. Both the government and UDMF should be ashamed of this tragic incident. But sadly, both the sides are blaming each other for the killing of the school boy. Many innocent people, including police personnel, have been killed in the name of ensuring rights to the Madhesi people who will in fact not be empowered even if those rights as sought by the agitators are ensured in the constitution. People can be empowered only after they get employment opportunity, education and health care at their doorsteps. When will people understand, especially the Madhesi leaders, that violence will not bring peace, stability and prosperity to the nation.

Suvani Subba, Via e-mail


It is really disappointing that the condition in the Tarai has turned from bad to worse. Clashes broke out between UDMF cadres and police personnel at various places of Parsa and Rautahat a few days ago. As the situation went out of control, the police had to use force to disperse the violent mob killing a school boy in Gaur. Life in the Tarai has become difficult due to the scarcity of essential commodities. It is mainly due to the economic blockade imposed by India citing internal differences within Nepal. It is disheartening to note that India mixed up the trade and transit with the internal politics of Nepal. Political issues must be settled through dialogue and trade and transit cannot be blocked in the name of internal unrest.

Pratik Shrestha, Kathmandu

Bad image

The recent divorce dilemma of Mr. Imran Khan, the famous cricketer turned politician of Pakistan, with a huge fan following has portrayed him in poor light and damaged his long-term political aspirations. Khan being a prominent public figure, celebrity and ace politician has miserably failed in guarding his personal life from being nakedly exposed to the public and media, adding to the daily uncalled controversies. The regular volley of undesirable and highly commendable fiery exchange of objectionable comments between Khan’s family and close party aides; and his ex-wife Reham Khan has only contributed to further tarnishing his public image and damaging his reputation as a responsible politician aspiring to occupy the coveted chair of Prime Minister of Pakistan in the future. He needs to take control of the situation and prevent his close aids from making inappropriate statements and comments to the media and the public. If an individual of his capability and stature fails to deal with family matters; how can people trust him with the responsibility of managing a nation plagued with multiple complex issues in the near future?

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada