One day while walking through the forest, LB bear saw a sign “Forest Band Tryouts Next Week”.
“Wow, a band, I would love to be in a band,” he thought. LB had never played an instrument before but he was willing to try.
He hurried home to tell his parents of the tryouts.
“Mom, Dad guess what, I am going to be in a band.” Well his parents were stunned. LB’s Mom just hesitated for a second and then said, “Well, that is great dear, uh, what will you play.”
“I am going to play the harmonica,” he replied. “I just know I can do that, I know I can.” He then ran to his room to practice, and he practiced every day for the next week until the tryouts. He woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed on the day of the tryouts and ran to the forest only to see all of his friends there. Sammy the squirrel was there with his guitar, Robby the rabbit with his drum set and everyone was practicing until their name was called. Finally they got to LB and he was nervous but he went in and did his very best. When he was finished he was told that he was good but not quite good enough for the band. LB was heart broken. With his head down he headed home, trying not to cry. He was almost home when he heard his name being called, “Wait LB, wait, I have to talk to you,” said one of the judges running toward him. LB could not imagine what was going on.
“LB we need a manager for the band, can you
do that.” LB stood for
a second and then replied,
“I don’t know how to
be a band manager, what
if I mess up?”
“Well, you won’t know until you try, so will you do it?” The others told LB. “Please do it.” “OK, I will do it, thanks guys.” It just goes to show that if you don’t find success in one area, have patience and you will find it in another! —