A sort of enlightenment

It was my birthday that day but nobody around me at my new location knew of it. There were very few phone calls from family and friends. That was when I decided that, since I am the only one happy for this special day, I would have to celebrate it all by myself. "How about taking my self on a date?" I thought. It was quite easy to ask me out for the date. Actually, my self and I are too special to turn each other down. The plan was simple: myself and I would go out for a movie, a little walk down the riverside and finally have a candle lit dinner before spending the special night together.

I was on time for picking up myself after work that day. I was proud about my date for that cool look and, of course, for our compatibility with each other. I was also very happy about

having someone special in my life after so many years of solitude. We cruised all the way to the theatre, stopping only to share an ice cream. We had no argument about the choice of movie for we always happen to wish to watch the same one each time. I thanked myself for making the whole thing cozy and comfy for me.

It was followed by what I now call "a walk to remember for all the eternity". I was not grieving my loneliness for once, rather celebrating my togetherness with me. For the first time in

my life, I conversed without hiding anything. I had my arms around my date and was looking at no other couples in the park, for I was much content to be with the person I was with. It is ironic that two people walking together are often actually alone. However, when I was walking with my self, we were always together for I had for not even a split second strayed away from my self. When lighting candles for dinner, my self said to me that, "We have already lighted enough light in our life by discovering each other so more candles are of not much need for us." I wondered if this was the same light that our Buddha had termed

'enlightenment' some two and a half millennia ago.

I wish I could always remain by my side no matter what is going on in the stage of my life. I pray that I never stop being together with my self in all walks of my life. I am now aware of the light that is lit within me; therefore, I will not waste precious moments of my life in the search of unseen lights in the fake world outside. I love my self and respect that of yours.