A toast to food

Innovation in food may seem obscure. There are only so many ways you can cut a carrot and you cannot simply reinvent the pig. But in an increasingly busy and wealthy world, the nature of demand for food is changing and scope exists for innovation in the way we deliver food to match people’s lifestyles. Many consumers are increasingly willing to pay for either convenience or an indulgent experience in their dining. In fact, millions of consumers in the EU are paying quite a premium for products that suit these advanced consumer needs. Specialized consultancies (such as the Food Practice Ltd., Wageningen U&R, or Avure and Tastelab in the US) are helping food manufacturers innovate in this segment by adapting packaging/labeling that targets consumers seeking healthy foods in high value, ready-to-eat segments. With demand for such new segments rapidly growing across Europe, Croatia seems well-poised to exploit this trend...  — blog.wb.org/blogs