An unholy alliance in the making

Jiba Raj Pokharel

It is more than a year since the five-party alliance (now a four-party alliance) is agitating in the streets seeking the correction of the regression underway in the country, which has unfortunately come into being following the October 4 move. The sustenance of a movement for more than a year is certainly a political feat, which may even find space in the Guinnes book of world records. Till a few weeks back, the NC (D), CPN-UML and RPP were also, what has now become clear, paying lip service to the agitation. But with the installation of Sher Bahadur Deuba as the prime minister, these parties have abandoned the movement against

regression. The NC (D) has interpreted the comeback of Deuba as reinstatement and a total correction of regression. Its newly found comrade in arms, the CPN-UML, had described it as partial rectification of regression. But it seems that the total correction has come into being with the withdrawal of the regulation governing the functioning of the council of ministers by the King. The third ally, RPP, thinks conducive conditions have been created for participation in the government.

Deuba had said in Pokhara, only a few days before his emergence as the prime minister, that any appointment under article 127 of the Constitution is tantamount to regression. The CPN-UML, on the other hand, has displayed its lust for power by explaining Deuba’s emergence as partial correction of the regression. It is then natural that the present alliance of NC (D), CPN-UML and RPP is regressive at the best. Such a bonhomie will put the country in its back gear. The problems faced by the country at present are two- fold. These are the violation of the Constitution by the palace and the rebellious acts of the Maoists. For this, the Constitution has to be brought back to its rails. It is possible only through the restoration of the House of Representatives. After the revival of the parliament, the door will be opened for the solution of the Maoist problem.

Some contend that the parliament cannot be restored because of the expiry of its five-year term. But this is nothing more but a pretext made by the votaries of regression. The parliament was dissolved ahead of its time. It has not completed ten sessions. It can be restored especially when there is no likelihood of the election in the near future. It is also said that the restoration of the parliament will be unconstitutional. This is another lame argument for clinging to power. Dealing a deathly blow to the Constitution is certainly unconstitutional. But the revival of the Constitution is never going to be non-constitutional.

The need of the hour is thus to rally behind the four-party movement, which is fighting for the protection of peoples’ rights and democracy. The movement should be extended nationwide. The weather is averse to the movement and it is likely to result in modest attendance. But a campaign against an unholy and untruthful alliance need not be stupendous in size. If we study the history, it is a few people who agitate against untruth and achieve victory. It is unfortunate that parties like the CPN-UML, NC (D) and RPP have been mired in the morass of regression. They have been unduly moved by the hunger and thirst for power. If wisdom prevails on them, they should try for the restoration of the House. The restoration of the House is what could be called a holy dip in the Ganges, which will, apart from saving the country from danger, will also wash the sin committed by the parties joining the alliance against the people who are participating in the agitation for the correction of regression.