Asia’s rainbow nation

Walking around Yangon and Mandalay just before Myanmar’s historic 2015 election last November, chatting to owners of businesses large and small I was struck by the near universal support for Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy. The party’s landslide victory is a clear mandate for change that should usher in a new era of stability in the country. And stability is just what foreign investors like. Many have been hanging back waiting to see how the country’s first free poll in a quarter of a century played out. Foreign direct investment that stood at $8 billion in fiscal year 2014/15—more than five times the flows recorded just two years earlier—should now increase rapidly as confidence in the country’s fledgling economy grows. More multinationals are likely to take the plunge and join the handful that has already set up in the country. “The Lady [Suu Kyi], of course she’s good for business, she has international respect... —