Avail human resources

This is with reference to the news story “Gyawali warns truant engineers” (THT, November 26, Page 3). Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Sushil Gyawali in Kavre on Sunday warned that he would take action against engineers and other technicians if they did not stay at sites for the reconstruction of damaged houses at local levels. He was addressing a two-day review workshop organised by the NRA District Project Implementation Unit, Kavre. Going by the data sheet of the NRA, only 33 per cent houses have been reconstructed under the NRA grant assistance in the past three years whereas it should have completed 66 per cent by now. It may be noted that a recent report from Nawalparasi stated that only 173 houses had been built out of over 700 houses damaged during the earthquake. Officials at the Project Implementation Unit in Nawalparasi admitted that they could not expedite the reconstruction work due to lack of engineers and technicians who could help people design and rebuild the earthquake resistant houses. This is a glaring example of how the NRA is functioning at the district level. How can NRA chief take action against the truant engineers and technicians when there is a shortage of skilled human resources? He should first appoint adequate number of skilled human resources in all districts and then he can expect results from them. The way the NRA is functioning it is unlikely that the remaining task of the reconstruction will be completed by April 2020, the deadline set by the law governing the reconstruction body which has been marred by its own inaction. In order to improve its performance, the NRA must work in tandem with the local levels which can also help it monitor the reconstruction work effectively at the grassroots levels.

Uttam Sapkota, Dhulikehel


The alleged misunderstanding between the US President Donald Trump and America’s judiciary is unfortunate.  Always the judiciary is beyond all kinds of hullabaloo or ifs and buts. And this precious institution should be protected at all costs. In fact it is both the judiciary and the executive that are the pillars of democracy and rule of law for any country like the US. The interesting fact is that America has long been having the great background in the fields like law. Take this for instance: Abraham Lincoln was not only a US President but also a statesman altogether. “He was a great lawyer with cult personality” is just adding to this interesting point.  As a responsible executive, the American President should learn from the history of the big persons like Abraham Lincoln. No doubt America has a lot on its periphery to contribute to the world, technologically and economically, to name a few. Yet, the Donald Trump administration should take more responsibility than before in order to work in the best interests of Americans and the global community as a whole. Such great acts will send the calm and beautiful messages across the world.

P Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai