Beauty and women

Beauty has been synonym to women since time immemorial. To make themselves beautiful and attractive women adopt various methods. Some go for natural ways while others go for modern technology. In the quest of looking attractive and beautiful they do not mind spending huge sums of money for beauty products.

Markets these days are flooded with such beauty products under various brand names. Cosmetic companies are seen tapping the name of legendry beauties Cleopatra, Evita, Merlin Monroore who once mesmerized the entire world by their extraordinary charming look.

Cosmetic products under the names of these legendary beauties sell promptly as the buyers believe such products to be of a good standard. Likewise we can see beauty parlors flourishing as money minting businesses. Technology has also been instrumental in encouraging women and girls to adopt modern means to enhance beauty. It is difficult to understand why despite having an academic degree and other qualities   girls and women cannot stand in public without a painted face. Perhaps they don’t have faith in their qualities and intelligence. Perhaps, they think they  should be looking  beautiful  so as to be  appreciated by all.  Whatever may be the reason by doing so women and girls are undermining their mental and intellectual capacity.

Why do women and girls give so much weight to beauty? It is because the society and family preach to girls that they should look beautiful knowingly or unknowingly.  At home parents tell their daughters that they are beautiful. By doing so parents are instilling in their daughters a sense that beauty is important and something they should strive for.

What about being brave or creative or kind hearted? If we look around we find women and girls over conscious and pre-occupied with clothes, make-up and looks etc and the actual important qualities are left behind. What makes humans fascinating is that we are all different from one another and that these differences should be celebrated. Looking beautiful for women and girls is a kind of pressure from society that want to see women beautiful all the time.

Why not change these attitudes and mindset that women and girls should be beautiful  and accept women and girls  the way they are. Why do not girls and women develop courage to show up themselves without denting and painting.