BLOG SURF: It’s my feeling

Black out. I saw nothing. Then I tried it again- something black and dark started to get accumulated around my chest and it took the form of a huge black, dark, gloomy and barren mountain.

I have always disliked mountains, I felt like I can never associate myself with mountains.

No doubt they are majestic, they are beautiful, they are breath-taking too but somehow I can never say I “like” mountain- it doesn’t excite me as much as the rivers ~ that keeps on flowing on and on and on and is not standing stagnant for ages like the mountains.

But something that I saw around my chest was sadly not a flowing river, but it was mountain~ huge mountain and it had no snow, it had no greenery, nothing.

Never realized that I was carrying a big mountain inside me that is not very happy mountain, it is a sad mountain, it is a serious mountain.

For, how long I have been carrying this mountain inside me? How long did it take to reach the height that it has been now.