I have spent the last six months, and most intensively the last month, planning, coordinating, fundraising, rehearsing, singing about and performing music in celebration of the fifth anniversary of equal marriage in Massachusetts.

Today, I walked nearly an entire parade route singing “Going to the Chapel” amidst enthusiastic applause. It was a little odd to walk around all of that time with the voice of one of my friends in my head, asking me “So, why are you against same-sex marriage?”

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m in favor of it either. I mean, I am in favor of it because I think equal rights should

be a given. And I am

most certainly not in favor of the rhetoric it has inspired. The rhetoric of “legitimacy”, of “normalcy”, of “we are just like straight people!” Yick. It makes my skin crawl (which I do recognize just might lead someone to conclude that I am “against” it, I do get that).