BLOG SURF: Busy week

Waiting since Sunday comes, so many things undone to be done. What can one do in 24 hours? Sometimes I feel these 24 hours is not enough for me.

But what the hell I am doing other than running. Running from home to college. If I will be on time then it would be a record, then, to this day office which is wacky too, then to the place where I love work but seems like knowing so many things I am feeling somehow disillusioned.

Then coming home in the time where I used to be asleep. Then eating food which I really don’t want to because it is the time for me to sleep. But I need to eat, “Mandatory”. Sometimes I get sick of this that I have not prepared any notes and that my new competitor in class is going ahead.

I am helpless the hard I try the hard I cannot do anything. Then I conclude I need a few hours more for myself, without which I cannot stand.

I really don’t have time for myself, I needed to give sometime to family and my lone mom too.