BLOG SURF: Health care

I believe health care and the way we think of it needs to change. Currently we understand health care as mainly the treatment of sick people.

Up to 70% of health care cost is spent on diagnosis and treatment in Asia-Pacific countries. This will lead to exorbitant health care expenditure on a population which is not only getting older but also sicker with changing lifestyles and exposure to environmental health threats leading to increasing chronic diseases and cancer.

Health care systems currently encourage investments in tertiary care and in financing mechanisms, which pay for diseases.

This has to change. To do so, below are 3 future health care trends we should facilitate. We need to invest in prevention; our default lifestyle should be a healthy one, and the living environment of people should be conducive to live healthy lives.

In order to achieve this, governments need to take a “health in all policies” approach, and consider health as a fundamental good thing.