BLOG SURF: Impostor syndrome

Marketing yourself is a skill I am still trying to master. The problem is not that I do not know how to market my work but doing so makes me feel like I am “saying too much” or that “all that I have done is because people have helped me”.

It was only recently that someone special spoke to be about the impostor syndrome that made me wonder if I have it. Yes, I resonated with the google definition of the term so I am guessng there is much more to that.

The impostor syndrome, what is it? It’s when an individual does not have the ability to internalize their achievements. When this person has success, they are quick to to attribute it to luck and timing, often belittling everything they do.

The word impostor here implies that when you and I work, we feel that we do not deserve the success, hence we have this fear of being exposed, someone will look through us and start believing what we believe, that we do not deserve our success.