BLOG SURF: The left-over

Have you ever scrammed to the kitchen and whipped up something in a hurry? Has it turned out so good that you were actually surprised?

Well, I am that small mountain of rice sitting at the far end of your refrigerator waiting to be turned into some scrumptious fried rice.

No I am not into something weird and this is not my attempt at dirty talk. I am like most of you just a left-over in life. Let me explain what I mean by this.

Your vital years start at school, this is when people truly put their judgement on you. Are you smart? Naughty or Funny? Well, the left-overs are mixture of all but not quite a star in any.

Which means that if we got lost in a school trip it would take them a good two days to realise that we were missing. Ouch. Maybe not that bad but you get the picture.

We in the quintessential sense never shined, may have in little tiny groups or in the corner of our houses but never bright enough to wow people with our intelligence or charisma.