BLOG SURF: Lesson from rejection

It feels awful to be rejected, especially if you were expecting a positive outcome. I’ve been rejected enough in my life, to recognize its pain, live it and let it go.

It is just part of growing up. Another stepping stone towards “success” or whatever life has in store for you. I guess the experience just makes you a better person. So, I say being rejected isn’t that bad after all. Putting yourself together for another try is what’s more important.

For instance, I had recently applied for a job, which now I think was way out of my league. It was an assistantship, so I figured I will gain some experience working under someone; but I didn’t get the job due to the fact that I don’t have the experience.

One of the first things that the job market requires is - experience. But if you are just fresh out of school, how is one to get experience. Internship, you might say, but what if you are at the cross roads of changing your career.

I don’t know if I want to pursue with the degree that I worked so hard to get.