BLOG SURF: Power of videos

In today’s world, videos have become an essential part in most communications campaigns.

It’s a content form that cannot be ignored. YouTube has over one billion users worldwide – almost one third of all people on the internet. Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos, and generate billions of views.

Videos, perhaps more than any other content form, are all about storytelling. Do you remember the best stories told over the dinner table?

Those with interesting characters, memorable plots, and told in an engaging manner that would make you listen.

Videos—through a combination of interesting profiles, words, images, ambient sound and music—have the power to convey stories in an emotional manner that makes people remember the story.

Inbound marketing platform Hubspot notes: “Good stories surprise us.They have compelling characters.

They stick in our minds and help us remember ideas and concepts in a way that numbers and text on a slide with a bar graph don’t.”