One of the unfortunate things that seems to happen fairly consistantly to people who become disabled is that they lose many of their friends.

I suppose I am lucky in that I moved as I was becoming disabled, so most of my old friendships that have attenuated have done so mostly because I moved across the country and am not great at keeping

in touch.

However, it has meant that I got to see a slightly different facet of this phenomenon: the way people avoid making friends with a disability.

This is not to say that I do not recieve support from my boyfriend. He is probably the most supportive,

empathetic person I have ever met. If I need a cheerleader, he is there.

If I need someone to talk to/at because I’m just so annoyed about fighting my insurance, my doctors,

my medical equipment providers, he listens. But it’s hard on him when I fall apart, when I cry.

But the boyfriend can’t be with me all the time.