BLOG SURF: Writing blogs

When people tell me to write about more “serious” stuffs, my mind automatically wanders towards other broader realms such as politics, environment, science, nuclear wars, religion and sexual psychology.

It would be challenging and boring to write on these topics since I am uninterested in the aforementioned theme (of course excluding environmental science and ummm.. maybe the last one too).

But you see, this blog is currently a potpourri of different things I am interested in. I like how it has different assortments of travel posts, life lessons, gardening stuff, tidbits about daily life and few recipes.

Writing a rather “serious” science stuff would ward off my readers and there is also a fear that the ones who do read it might then read my so-not-smart sounding rants.

They might eventually think I am an ignorant-bogus-flamboyant, middle aged woman interested only in gardening stuffs, smelling of pickles.