Blog surf:Misfortune

I have the misfortune to have two books come across my reading threshold recently. One was “The Atlanta Blueprint” by Colin Wilson and another is “The Sign of Four” — a revamp of the truly awful “Da Vinci Code” by the world’s worst writer, Dan Brown. I tried manfully to read “The Sign of Four” but am hopelessly stuck with boredom after two chapters.

The fringes of the White Nationalist ideology are peopled with often good, well meaning people who dabble (the only word for it) in the works of such charlatans as Velikovsky (“Worlds in Collision”). David Ike, who I sometimes have quite a lot of respect for wanders into the realms of metaphysical phantasm when he talks about the world being run by Lizard People. If Ike is using the Lizard People as a metaphor for another set of people whom because of their tyrannical hold on this world fit the Lizard People to the letter, then hats off to him. —