Blog surf:Once again

In less than four weeks I will once again plant my feet on the soil of my second home...Nepal. I can’t wait to see Sudip and to laugh and laugh and laugh with him. This time I get to play hostess for a few American friends.

I’ll be staying, at least at first, with my family, the Mulepatis, in the guesthouse. It will be fun to see all of my friends in the Basantapur/Freak Street/Durbar Square neighborhood. I love the rhythms of that part of town. I have missed eating momos,yomari, curries, and drinking milk tea (it just ain’t the same here)!

Yet I know I’ll be returning to an insecure Nepal, a country struggling to take shape. The loadshedding is much worse and we can expect 8-12 hours without electricity per day. C’mon monsoons! the rains make the water that makes the electricity. We’ll be facing water shortages, more numerous transportation strikes, chakka jams and bandhs. Getting to Pokhara is possible but delays are likely. —