BLOG SURFS: Familiarity

Kathmandu reveals itself well before you arrive. The clouds, undefined, morph suddenly into the frozen peaks of the Himalaya. The humbling effect of mountains will remain unchanged for me. The significant pleasure of feeling small.

After a long time between Nepali visits, I’m curious to feel the familiar and observe the change. See what a country I feel is akin to an old friend may feel like with fresh eyes. The pollution, along with the population, is catapulting towards oblivion along with the rest of the world. But the eau de farm animal blended potently with burning plastic, wraps sharply around my nostrils like an old romance.

Happily greeted by motorbike, Andres whisked me through the throng to Thamel — tourist enclave and the logical place

to start. Hooked on escapism, no mobile, no

definite plans. The cold air slapping me into a different reality. —