Break your soul cage

It is human nature to have desires and make efforts to live a comfortable life. We work hard so that we can have comforts in life and make things easier and better. Today, we have different kinds of home appliances, electronic devices, and pricey furniture to bring comfort in our daily life. But I think we have forgotten one important thing, and that is how all these comforts are making us passive, lazy, unhealthy and, what you call, a couch potato.

We have TV with remote controls, fancy vehicles to commute, phones to communicate, fast food to save cooking time, washing machines to do our laundry, online shopping and so on. Most products and services advertised today are designed to make our life more comfortable and less challenging.

But don’t you think all these things to make life easy are actually killing us? Don’t misunderstand me, I am not against all the progress that science and technology have made. We need good transportation services to reach our destination quickly. We need TV to know different activities taking place around the world in the field of politics, science, business and entertainment.

Similarly, instead of home-made food we can enjoy delicacies from restaurants or fast food outlets, which save our cooking time. But are all these comforts really worth praising? Have we thought about how our comfort zones are making us miserable, inactive and unhealthy? Today’s generation doesn’t seem to want to face any difficulties and challenges in life. We, the parents, are equally responsible for this. We want to give all possible facilities to our children but forget that excess amenities and luxuries will force our children to live in a soul cage and make them unable to face the challenges of life. In fact, challenges are good because they test our skills and make us a better person. One can progress mentally when one comes out of one’s comfort zones. Actually, every challenge we face is an opportunity to create a more skillful self.

Therefore, we need to think about whether to go with the flow of time or to make some changes in our practices, habits and culture. Let’s opt for a better choice, knowing everything has its pros and cons. Work to maintain a balance between the physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of life to create a healthy society and life. Use your comfort zones to rest in, not to live in.