Colours of ice cream

Ice cream is one thing that I fall for easily. Ice cream comes in many flavors, and colours also. It’s a cure for hot days. Childhood returns with its sight or even mention.

Chocolate ice cream is my favourite all because of its very sweet and rich chocolaty taste. You can guess I got a sweet tooth. LOVE22 is yet another great flavor. The nuts add a crunch to the sweet chocolate. A third great

flavor is Neapolitan where I mix chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry

together into a fantastic mixture that looks as colourful and great as it tastes. These are just a few of the many wonderful flavors I like.

Ice cream cools me off on hot days. Once when the temperature was about 40 degree Celsius in Nepalgunj, I had a chocolate shake and experienced that cool jingle rush through me. To beat the heat, my cheaper tested recipe is to stand right next to an ice cream parlour. It cannot be a bad idea next time you want to cool off. One day, when the road was very hot and my feet got blisters, I got some ice cream and rub a little of it on to my feet to soothe and cool them off. Whenever I have needed cooling down, I have on most occasions turned to ice cream.

Ice cream reminds me of my childhood. Every time I have an ice cream cone, I remember the fun I had when I was 16. I spilled some ice-cream cone down on the school uniform of somebody and everybody laughed when he ran screaming down the road. Chocolate ice cream reminds me of the many great times I had when I was young, ordering huge and different mixtures each time I went inside.

Just hearing the sound of an ice cream vendor brings back good

memories of sitting under a tree on lawns of different parks waiting for my girl friend. Even she would go faint to have Chocó bars! Ice cream is the charmer of all times that brings back colorful memories.

The rise in the mercury levels in the past few days has got me making plans on how much and what flavour ice cream I would like to gobble through the summer. For me the fun of summer revolves around the ice cream melting slowly in my mouth while taking a careful note of the flavour.

Looking forward to ice cream as a tasty fuel to get me moving on a hot summer days, besides the lovely walk down the memory lane.