I come home late

I’m a girl and I come home late at night. I don’t own any vehicle and have to rely on public bus. The ride is not of 10-15 minute rather it’s of hours, so, under these circumstances, I’m the most vulnerable subject for crime that makes headlines in papers. So, aren’t I supposed to get worried?

Yes, I come home late! Not because I chose to stay outside at night, rather I’m pursuing night class. I have to admit that my thoughts have been clouded by fear if I could manage to carry my study well or not.

The security we have been provided with is neither strong enough to resist wind nor big enough to get shade when it rains. Leaving apart the security system the culture and values that we are growing up in, is it deep enough to shape our thoughts? To live and let live others with respect.

Every night I need to check time every five minutes to know whether I missed the last bus or not, I pray for the class to end soon, and if it goes long then I think of bunking it. I don’t bid goodbye properly as it takes time. And trust me I don’t walk, I run but why? Can I walk  home safely? Can I complete the book I have been reading?

At night hit and run won’t be troublesome also. This immortal power cut favours heinous crime. Not to forget ‘none of my business’, the attitude of people does not let us have an ounce of mercy from them, so how can I dare to walk alone?

Well, for different idea masters the solution to my problems might be private vehicles, taxis, and location change.

Private vehicle: I mayn’t need to check time but can I drive safely with so called bikers and buses ruling the road?

Taxi: If a guy cannot let me walk alone at my own then can I expect a safe ride?

Location change: People with cruel intention are found at every nook and corner.

College: I’m interested about the subject matter and I can’t change my interest.

Marriage: I’m my own responsibility. Better others provide me with freedom of thought and safe environment.

I’m not showing any attitude here, it’s just that the problem lies neither in distance nor in darkness.

The real problem lies in our thoughts and behaviour. When we start to respect the existence of others then everyone feels safe. I’m not bargaining for any special treatment but we needed to be treated equal.

A girl walking alone at night is not the one seeking for attention only, she could be working women or students.