Computer games: Kids and docs

In a world dominated by a multi-billion dollar gaming industry, it

is hard not to stumble upon a

gadget which can create an alternate reality for the sole purpose of the

user’s enjoyment.

Entertainment systems such as the PlayStation 3, X Box 360, and Game Cube are abundantly found in the international gaming market today. They have come to redefine and give a sense of purpose to the lives of those who happen to own one or more of these marvellous devices. It doesn’t matter whether the users are professional gamers or occasional players, everybody is bound to have fun one way or another. As everyone might have realized it, the line separating movies and video games have become increasingly blurred. Hit movies are turned into video games and best selling games are recycled into movies. The fact that the voices of actors, and movie segments are being featured in the most recently developed games, proves that there will be very little distinction between a movie and a game in the near and predictable future.

The release of fascinating games and entertainment systems have also ushered in the development of numerous types of gaming consoles. The better a joystick or game pad handles itself, the better the gaming experience will be for the lucky operator.

It can be said that joysticks and game pads are not only going to be used to play video games. Car manufacturers have been experimenting on how to take the steering wheel out of the car, just to replace it with a type of joystick that could revolutionize the driving experience. Similarly, modern medicine has also been increasingly relying on high-tech laboratory apparatus to perform surgery. Doctors in the future will no longer have to be present in the operating theatre to perform surgery on a patient.

They will indeed be standing

in front of a computer and making

use of a game pad to dictate the

movements of robotic arms, which would be conducting the operation. So, for all you gamers out there, who have been constantly haunted by

the shadow of the overbearing parent. The next time they tell you not to

play your video games all the time, tell them that you are training to become a doctor who has to be able to perform surgery from behind the glass using similar game pads.