Conservation for existence

There are over seven million plants and animals living on earth. Archaebacteria are the smallest and the blue whale the biggest creatures in the world. A bird called cave swiftlet makes nests from the thread of saliva.

The female cobra builds nests to lay eggs. Cicada, an insect, can remain dormant for up to 27 years. Puma roars in the Andes Mountain. Though it is tiny singly.  Surprisingly algae together produce three quarters of all the atmospheric oxygen. There are different creatures with unique characteristics. Rich diversity of organisms helps biological communities to withstand environmental stress better.

Biodiversity has a crucial value for a healthy biosphere by maintaining stability and proper functioning. Birds, monkeys, bats, including elephants, help in seed dispersal. Scavengers like hyenas, vultures, beetles etc. help to limit the proliferation of diseases and recycle the nutrients that can’t be used by others.

Predators limit the spread of epizootic and help to  improve genetic diversity among herbivores hunting mostly diseased, old/weak animals. Soil organisms help to enhance the fertility of soil and the soil formation process. Biodiversity helps in nutrient cycling, provides recreational benefits and are sources of food through wildlife farming. Thus, the value of biodiversity can’t be underrated.

However, many creatures are declining faster nowadays than ever before. Hunting, habitat loss and climate change are the domineering threats to them. Arctic ice is becoming weak to support polar bears.

The guardian of the coast, the most productive aquatic forest called mangrove is the most threatened now. Coral reefs that provide refuge to one quarter of the total marine life are dying. The planet hot house or tropical rain forest that provide habitat to half of the world species is suffering from deforestation. Moreover, wildlife poaching is gaining momentum these days.

Our activities are great threats to nature and its varieties. If these species are threatened we are the ones who will suffer the most. It is high time to limit our activities against biodiversity loss to maintain ecological balance, thereby, facilitating our existence.

Further, biodiversity offers many opportunities and serve vital roles on earth. We must be able to take advantage from the environment focusing on conservation and promotion of biodiversity.