CREDOS : A cup of comfort — I

Moving to a new city and state was difficult for my family, especially in winter. Little did we know that a Colorado blizzard would greet us after we had been in our new home. The excitement of a new adventure was dulled by the memories of the California sunshine and the five-foot snow banks outside our door.

I just missed home. But more than our old house, more than the beach, and more than the seventy-degree warm weather, I missed Stacey. My best friend and I had both cried when I left, like two junior-high girls. “We will write and e-mail often,” she promised. “We’ll visit, too, “ I added.

My computer became a dear friend to me the first months in Colorado. Opening up e-mail and finding a short note or a long letter from Stacey fought the loneliness. But I still missed her presence.

And I missed our lovely teas. Going to a sweet little tea room we had discovered was a special treat for us. The place was a Victorian dream, with delicate teacups and tablecloths with flower prints. The hat rack near the front swept us back to childhood. Those afternoon teas were precious times, filled with laughter between scones and sharing our lives between tiny cucumber sandwiches.

Springtime descended upon Denver, and the sun lightened my heart. But I still fought loneliness. I decided to become proactive and set about the adventure of exploring the Denver area. One day, I was driving to find a movie theatre. —