CREDOS-Achievement of goals — II

I no longer needed to keep looking at the saying, “Enjoy where you are at, while you are waiting to get to where you want to be!”

We were where we wanted to be - in the country, running our own small business. There was just one problem. Our small business was not generating enough income to support us. The first year in business, our small business cost us more money than it made. With our savings dwindling, we knew we had two choices: go back to work for someone else, or make our small business profitable.

With 26 years of working for a large corporation, we did not want to go back to work for someone else. We were determined to make our small business profitable. One day in particular, I was feeling a bit down, almost defeated. I was updating the website and came across a quote. The quote, that pulled me out of my slump, goes like this: “PERSISTENCE - “persistence prevails when all else fails.”

We remember reflecting back on our previous two-year goal that ended up being a five-year goal. We were persistent then, we just need to be persistent now. We reassessed what and how we were running our small business. We changed, we worked hard and long, but we are happy to say that our small business is now generating an income for us. Our work is now displayed at many stores across Atlantic Canada, at the cruise ship booth located at the Port of Saint John.

My point in sharing our story with you is that no matter what your goals are, no matter what setbacks you face, never lose your focus on your goals. Your goals can become your reality. It may take some changes, and it will take some work, but if you stick with them, taking action, if you are persistent, you can achieve them. We are living proof.