CREDOS : Cosmic future — I

Any discussion of future alignments, whether for world transits or personal transits, presents extraordinary challenges and responsibilities to the astrological researcher. Because we have seen how similar planetary configurations in the past have coincided with specific archetypal phenomena with considerable consistency, and because we can mathematically determine the upcoming alignments with great precision, one might say that, in a sense, we know something about the future. But in another sense, we do not know.

I believe that the extent to which we have embraced this epistemological humility is more or less the measure of the potential value or harmfulness of our analysis. The difference between concrete prediction and archetypal prediction is something like the difference between fate and free will. Stated more precisely: It is the difference between, on the one hand, an inevitably constraining and likely misconceived assertion of a pregiven future, and on the other, the potential empowerment of a co-creative self, consciously participating in an archetypally structured unfolding of life in an open universe.

It could be said that development of human autonomy and critical self-awareness has prepared us to be better able to walk the tightrope presented by the contemporary archetypal astrological perspective and evidence — in particular, by the knowledge of the outer planets’ existence and their corresponding archetypal principles. —