CREDOS-Count your blessings

What a day I said to myself as I jumped out of bed with glee. Today was the day I planned to go and cut my Christmas Tree. I wonder what I’ll get this year, as I lugged it from

afar. Maybe a watch or a real big ring or even a brand

new car. All these people coming over which gives me a lot of work. They never help and some complain about some silly quirk.

While in the store, I saw a boy who appeared to be really sad. He’s got it made that silly kid, no work just fun to be had. He looks at me and I say, “You seem a little down today. Haven’t you picked out your favourite toy? Why aren’t you smiling and having fun like a normal little boy?” His words stung deep as he lifted his head and from his eye a tear, “I’ve picked it out but hope is gone and I’m afraid that Santa won’t hear. I always loved this time of year for Santa always came. But now it won’t mean as much to me or ever be the same. My dad left Mom and me years ago when I was very small. So I don’t remember Christmas with him being there at all. Mom passed away this year and now there’s only me.”

I hung my head in deep regret because of my thoughts. Why couldn’t I have the things I wanted as I worked real hard all year. I deserved those rings and a brand new car and something new to wear. Now I discovered more precious gifts than I had never seen. They now became more valuable to me than they had ever been. My friends and family were right beside me to help at any time. I asked God to forgive me, how could I be so blind. When I get up each morning now I thank the Lord above. Who knows how long they will be there to shower me with love. A lesson was learned. No more asking

for me but to be thankful when I pray! —