CREDOS : Father to son - III

Tom Ehrich

We discussed six most practical ways for fathers to leave their children legacies that matter most to them or the lets say the ways how to be a father they’ll fondly remember. The first was to give children “Time.” Not money, not possessions, but your time. Second, it is important to “Heal” what needs healing. Third, “Love” each child. Not all children are equally easy to love. But fathers must try. Forth, “Recognise” what is important to the child. Fifth crucial thing is to live with “Integrity” so that the kids follow suit to grow to be a man of true values. A man’s power, wealth, political leanings and religious opinions mean little to children. They study Dad’s character. And lastly, “Live freely.” A reader says her father broke free from a “stern, verbally abusive” father of aristocratic pretensions and chose instead to show “unswerving friendliness and servitude.” Dads, I doubt that we will be remembered for how much money we earned, how far we rose in our careers, how fervent we were in our opinions, or how dashing in appearance. Children need more from us. While we have the chance, we must give them time, healing, love, recognition, integrity and freedom. One more thing: Many children are separated from their fathers by war, estrangement, incarceration, accident, illness or death. Those children still need what a father can give. Let’s step up to help. —, concluded