CREDOS: Feathered friend — II

Oh, my friend. I would give anything to fly! I said. Later in the early evening, I went back to the feeders, filled them, added water to the bird bath, and waited. As always my feathered friend appeared. “Beep, beep, beep beep!” I said. He quickly darted back and forth showing off a bit. For the first time he came close enough that I could almost touch him. The right leg was indeed damaged beyond use. “Fly for me, please, and take my spirit with you so I can soar in my dreams tonight.”

This will be hard for anyone to believe, but trust me I thought it to be amazing, too. He tucked his head under his right wing and plucked a feather. Looking at me as he nervously cocked his head back and forth, he released the tiny feather from his mouth. What seemed to me like a dreamy slow-motion moment, I watched the feather falling and reached my hand to catch it. Looking down into the palm of my hand, I thought I saw the tiny feather appear to glow in contrast. I looked back up at my “frequent flyer friend,” and said “Thank you!”

Now, as silly as this may seem to you, I see it as a precious gift from God. For I had asked my friend to take my spirit soaring and he in turn gave me a feather so I could fly. “It won’t get me off the ground!” I said, laughing. “But it is a beginning. A little piece of a dream to prove there are no limits to the abilities you have,” the Voice said to me. The only limits that exist are the ones you choose to accept. So, fly! — (Concluded)