CREDOS: Following God - V

If you are desperate to meet this risen Christ, you meet him in a way that destroys any previous categories you had. I keep finding that this Christ, whatever things I’ve built, destroys them and shows himself to be bigger and wider and deeper and more loving. Ultimately you enter into a very real mysticism. They don’t give life. So over the years I’ve found that everything but the risen Christ fails. It doesn’t deliver. That is probably where that co-mes out of. My own journey into wholeness and hope and health. And I think you become a mystic quite fast.

In writing this now and going through the interviews and exposing deeply personal truths, does it feel like you are painting your own “Velvet Elvis” or that you are dancing naked in front of people while trying to live like Jesus?

Because you really lay yourself out there. It would be great if the leaders that are telling eve-ryone that they need to trust Jesus actually did it. I have a wonderful opportunity to actually live what I’m talking about. I’ve had too many experiences where I was carried through by a strength that was not my own so I’m not worried about that. It is very humbling and I’m blown away by the people who are with me on this.

Everywhere I go I meet people who know that there is something more and they know that the Jesus life can be so much more and if I get to be a voice for that and tell them all they are not crazy, that is not a bad life. I’ll take that. — (Based on an interview with Rob Bell), concluded