Dave is dying?” I thought. “That can’t be! He’s only 20 years old!” Stunned, I raced to the hospital. The doctors gave Dave one chance of surviving and that was to have an operation to put a defibrillator on his heart. The device would send an electric charge to his heart if it started to beat too fast or too slow, and the charge would correct the problem. Dave mulled it over and decided it was worth the risk.

My new roommates and I, along with Scott’s and Dave’s new roommates, spent a lot of time together that week. We all knew that Dave had some health problems but never thought that his life could ever be in serious jeopardy.

Yet now it was. I thought about all those comedy nights I had missed, all those times I had been too busy to just sit and talk with Dave, all the things I had missed finding out about him. He was a great guy, I knew that, but I had let myself miss out on his life even though it was being lived right in front of me.

The group of us, Dave’s old and new friends, forged a special bond during those many visits to the hospital. Together we encouraged Dave in his fight to live.

We told him how much we were pulling for him and how he had to get better so he could make out with the cute nurse. He thought that was funny and promised to try his best. It was clear he was touched by the devotion of his friends. During the time that Dave started prepping for the surgery we prayed together. — Beliefnet.com