CREDOS : Goldmine — II

Silence followed for the longest time. Suddenly the young man said, “Here they come,” as he pointed toward the doorway. He looked relieved. Somebody who would join in and help get this conversation going. The two people who joined them appeared to be a mot-her and teenage grandda-ughter. The woman sat next to the younger man and Pop stood up to let the girl slide in place. “Hello, Dad. Good to see you!” she said as she sat down. “Yep!” the old man replied. Silence. Even longer gaps than before.

“I feel real good,” the old man said proudly. “Oh, you look good, Dad,” the younger man said. Silence. The waitress approached and took their breakfast orders. Grandpa excused himself. “Gotta go to the bathroom. It happens a lot when you’re old,” he said. As soon as he was out of sight, the younger man said, “God, I don’t know what to say to him. We just sit here looking around. He never talks.” “I know what you mean. What do you say?” the woman added. “He’s old. What do you talk about with an old man?” the girl joined in.

Oh, no. Here I go, I thought. I’m going to say something and wait to see if they tell me it’s none of my business. “Ask him about his childhood,” I said. “What? Pardon me? Were you talking to us, sir?” the woman asked. “Yes. It’s really not my business, I know. But do you realise what he has to offer you? He’s seen so much in his lifetime. He most likely has answers to problems you haven’t even discovered yet. He’s a goldmine!” I said. —