You can be rich, powerful and happy at the same time. It depends upon how you strike a proper balance. If you feel money is more important than piece of mind, so it will be. The question is only of priorities.

In fact, life consists of a wise choice of priorities. You can remain possessive about material things and make yourself miserable, or you can remain detached from them, and be free of mental strife. It’s only a matter of attitude. You cannot get everything. So you have to set your priorities, depending on your nature. But do think about yourself and set the priorities.

How you decide your priorities often decides your fate. Everything depends on your own outlook.

We have to understand that there is no single true picture of this universe. Similarly, there is no single angle from which life can be viewed. There are many ways of looking at a thing and there are several facets of every situation. However, because of our internal fears we have a very limited vision. We do not develop the attitude of taking a holistic view of situations. We want to see everything from our angle. This is because of that intense survival instinct in us that often restrains us from considering the complete picture. Always look towards happiness; “never” towards unhappiness. There are two ways of looking at anything: the positive way and the negative. You can be happy about what you have and you can choose to be unhappy about what you don’t. — The 4-Lane Expressway to Stress Management (Concluded)